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 185,000 people have already tried Fiber Primvital. It contains 73 grams of fiber per 100 grams of the product. The only completely natural supplement on the market with such a high fiber content. This is an absolute record! – both among all available natural supplements, and among natural food products in general (e.g. bran contains only 48g of fiber per 100g of product).

 It is a product that will cleanse your body of toxins and lingering debris. You will feel lightness, energy, and your body will start working at a higher speed.

The fiber abundantly present in the shell of the plantain egg has a positive effect on the digestive tract and stimulates the intestines. It helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels. 

What does Primvital Fiber help for?

Thanks to its ingredients, it has a positive effect on health: 

  • problems with defecation disappear (psyllium plantain) 
  • you maintain a normal level of cholesterol (plantain) 
  • you maintain the correct level of lipids (plantain) 

Thanks to this, you have: a healthy appearance, a cleansed body, better mood.

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Naturalness The beneficial effects of massage on the body have been known for thousands of years. But who knows that the intestines need it too? Primvital Fiber is a healthy combination of two natural ingredients: Plantain Psyllium and Plantain Egg, whose seed shells swell under the influence of water and, at the same time, secrete valuable mucus. This, among other things, is the difference between Primvital Fiber and cereal fiber. The mucus from Psyllium shells released under the influence of water forms a gel that protects. It moisturizes the inside of the intestines, gently massages their walls, which supports their work and peristalsis. This way you can cleanse even the most sensitive intestines. In addition, mucus reduces the absorption of lipids and sugars. Works like a good spreader. Primvital Fiber, thanks to the husk of the plantain, will relieve you from constipation and digestion difficulties. It helps to empty it easily and regularly. It can be safely used during pregnancy and breastfeeding. NOTE: It is very important to consume the ENTIRE shells of Psyllium and Plantain seed, instead of the ground waste, because oxidation of the seeds after grinding them will strip them of their full properties. 

You can be sure that Primvital Fiber is: 

CLEAN does not contain any pesticides. 

ADDITIONALLY, all grains are cleaned with a new method of fumigation (carbon dioxide), which completely cleans them of insects and their larvae. FULL VALUE 100 grams of Primvital Fiber contain as much as 68 – 73 grams of fiber. 

HOLISTIC not only cleans the intestines of toxins and deposits, but also affects the work of the entire body. You feel better, you look better, you have more energy. 

Thanks to this you have: a healthy look, a cleansed body, you have a great mood. Join over 155,000 Poles and order Fiber Primvital. 


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