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If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, do not visit our websites and do not subscribe to any magazines belonging to In such case you also should not buy any products or services offered by

Personal data

During the use of websites belonging to you may be asked to provide some personal information by filling a form or otherwise. The data you may be asked for is mainly you name and email address. In case of ordering forms you will be asked to provide full personal information. We require only such data that is necessary for the website to operate. Abstention from providing us with such required data will block the activity the data referred to.

Subscription of free magazines (newsletters)

Subscription of free online magazines belonging to requires providing your email address and name in an online form. This fields are mandatory. The data collected this way is then added to the e-zine mailing list. Your email address is required to send you subscribed magazines online. Your name enables to use your name in the correspondence.

Ordering products and services

Ordering products and services offered by requires providing full personal data in online forms. Some fields are marked as mandatory.

Unannounced messages reserves right to send unannounced messages to registered users who agreed with Privacy Policy terms and conditions. Unannounced messages from are messages related directly with its websites, magazines, services and products (ex. changes, internal promotions), non-commercial letters (ex. greetings, personal comments, etc) as well as commercial information with distribution paid by customers). The companies that order commercial mailing have no right to see contact data of people on mailing lists. Commercial information is filtered whenever possible, its volume is reduced and it is send occasionally.

Other forms

The Privacy Policy does not apply to forms hosted on websites, related to services, products and magazines not belonging to

Some parts of websites belonging to may use cookies, i.e. small text files stored on user’s computer, that identify him or her in a way required to simplify or stop certain operations. Cookies are neutral for the computer, the user and hid or her data. In order for cookies to work it is required to allow them by the browser and not to delete them.


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