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Imm2herb is a completely natural mixture of Uncaria tomentosa and Plantago ovata that strengthens the immune system.

Uncaria Tomentosa is used against many inflammatory diseases (allergies, arthritis, rheumatism) and cancer.

The most important effects are immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory effects. It can increase the activity of white blood cells, leading to increased local protection.

Moreover, its potential antiviral activity has been tested with promising results.

Plantago ovata, has gained a reputation as a natural medicinal plant. may act as a prebiotic by stimulating the innate, cellular and humoral immune response.

After ingestion, this ingredient is fermented by intestinal bacteria and promotes their activity and development.

The effects of Imm2herb on the human immune system are complex and recent studies have confirmed their therapeutic effects praised since ancient times.


Imm2herb Benefits:

  • antiviral and anti-inflammatory
  • cleansing and strengthening
  • maintains a strong immune system

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