It is a fresh and 100% natural blend of 3 fruits with a very high content of natural vitamin C, higher than the commonly known citrus.

Amla fruits, Acerola and Wild Rose help in developing and increasing resistance to any infections. They contain special substances, bioflavonoids, that protect against free radicals.

Amla and Acerola support blood sugar levels, they can slow down its release into the bloodstream, prevent spikes and drops in blood sugar.

The mixture of FRU 3C, in addition to natural vitamin C, also contains vitamins and minerals such as: vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9, C, A, K, E, minerals – zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, potassium, selenium, sodium, calcium, iron, chromium, zinc, glutamic acid, lysine, proline, alanine

FRU 3C ingredients improve the appearance of the skin as they neutralize free radicals believed to accelerate aging.

  • strengthens the entire body
  • increases and develops the body’s immunity
  • protects the body against harmful free radicals
  • prevents aging processes
  • supports the work of the circulatory system
  • reduces the number of colds with vitamin C prophylaxis
  • improves iron absorption
  • supports the body in cleansing toxins and residues of synthetic drug


Authentic opinions of people who already use it …

Pawel S.
“Fantastic Feeling”

“The best recommendation may be the fact that I bought a second pack and I will probably buy another one. Today my wife also uses this form of vitamin, maybe there will be children tomorrow. This is because everyone can see the effects of my intake, FRU 3C. After 24 hours it has subsided. nagging pain in the elbow joint, the most important thing for me is the effect of the abrupt surges in blood pressure that has been troubling me for two months, reaching even 190/120. This problem disappeared after less than two days. Another effect is a fantastic well-being and no feeling of hunger what like I think it causes our modern food to be poor in vitamins and minerals.
Regards, I wish you health Paweł S. ”


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