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Primvital can help people with:

  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Mood swings
  • Too polluted environment
  • Insufficient physical activities
  • High alcohol intake
  • Regular smoking practice
  • Poor complexion

Primvital is a tried and tested supplement that has shown incredible detox potential. It is a completely natural detox method that benefits its users with some advantages, Its biggest features are:

Its biggest features are:

  • 100% Natural and healthy
  • No side effects
  • Can be taken daily
  • Cleansing your organism will leave your body in a better shape
  • Removes toxins from your body
  • Improves the function of intestines 
  • Reduces bloating, constipation, and helps bowel movement
  • Help your immune system – 80% of the immune cells are in the intestines 
  • Reduces poisoning of the body with toxins


  • Diet supplement Composition (in 100g)
  • Plantago psyllium seeds 80g
  • Plantago ovata seed shells 20g
  • Weight: 360g (enough for a whole month)
  • Eating proposal 5g a small teaspoon / 1 x daily

So far there are over 185,000 users of it, and the reviews are incredibly positive!

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