Average lead time (shipment) is 24hrs (week days) – applies particularly to cash on delivery orders and orders paid online. In case of orders paid with traditional wire transfer or payment on account the order is handled within 24hrs as from the moment of crediting the account
When the parcel is shipped, each customer receives a short confirmation email. After 1-3 days the parcel reaches the recipient (applies to orders handled in Poland).

The parcels are sent:

By Poczta Polska (Polish Post) – with priority, so that the parcel could reach the recipient and the product could support his health. The average delivery time by Poczta Polska is usually 1-3 working days.

Courier Company – guarantees instantaneous and comfortable delivery. The delivery time by Courier Company is usually 24-48 hours.

We do our best, so that the parcel could reach the Customer as soon as possible, however, we are not responsible for any delays independent from us.

In case of international orders the lead time depends mainly on distance and destination continent. The lead time for international order may be even 30 days.

If 7 working days have passed from the order/payment date (applies to parcels shipped in Poland), and the parcel was not delivered, send us an email to: complaint@primvital.com we will verify your shipment in our parcel tracking system and inform you accordingly.

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