Primvital Fibre is produced by Mapa Zdrowia. We are a well-known Polish company with 10 years’ experience. We have a real office, telephone numbers and we’re based in Warsaw. We’re a reliable seller.

Primvital Fibre has been officially allowed for sale by GIS (The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate in Poland). Its ingredients have been thoroughly tested so that you can be sure it’s the most valuable source of fibre available in Poland (i.e. without pesticides and insects).

You can be sure that Primvital Fibre is:

Primvital Fibre is free of pesticides. What’s more, all Primvital Fibre seeds are cleansed with a new method called the CO2 fumigation, which makes them completely free of insects and larvas. What you get is pure dietary fibre without any “extras”. Other methods are either ineffective or have a negative impact on the quality of seeds.

100 g of Primvital Fibre contains as many as 68 g of fibre. If you consider comparing it with other fibre brands, you may encounter difficulties because other producers and sellers typically don’t test their fibre supplements and simply don’t know how much fibre they contain.

Primvital Fibre is different from other fibre sources because the seeds of Plantago psyllium and Plantago ovata produce mucilage which forms a protective coating over the lining of the stomach and the intestines.

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